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This is the table of contents (TOC) of the DocAda Light(tm) hypertext version of the Ada 95 Reference Manual. IMPORTANT: DocAda Light is for personal, local use only. Use of DocAda Light implies your acceptance of the end-user license.

RM: Foreword / Introduction
Core Language
1. General
2. Lexical Elements
3. Declarations and Types
4. Names and Expressions
5. Statements
6. Subprograms
7. Packages
8. Visibility Rules
9. Tasks and Synchronization
10. Program Structure and Compilation Issues
11. Exceptions
12. Generic Units
13. Representation Issues
Normative Annexes
A. Predefined Language Environment
B. Interface to Other Languages
C. Systems Programming
D. Real-Time Systems
E. Distributed Systems
F. Information Systems
G. Numerics
H. Safety and Security
J. Obsolescent Features

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