Preparation of your environment

To enjoy AISE lab life, let's prepare your environment.

After joining AISE lab._

Store phone numbers of Prof. Goto's room and our room into your mobile phone._

  1. Store phone numbers of Prof. Goto's room and our room into your mobile phone.
  2. Store phone e-mail addresses of Prof. Goto into your mobile phone.

Prepare your environment to get and send e-mails at home/_

We send important notices by e-mail. So, you have to check e-mails at least once everyday. If you can't read e-mails from ours, then you have to come to our lab everyday.

All information about e-mail is in an handout entitled 「程研究室で楽しく過ごすために」. We provide SMTP Auth over SSL and POP over SSL serivce.

From viewpoints of avoiding leak of information, you can't forward your e-mail to free mail addresses, e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, and so on.

Use Slack_

To communicate with lab members instantlly, we are using Slack. Prof. Goto send an invitation e-mail of the Slack to you. After getting the invatation, join to Slack and install Slack application into your PC and smartphone.

Add information pages of AISE lab. into your bookmarks._

After making your e-mail account, we send URLs of information pages of AISE lab by e-mail. After that, please add such pages into your bookmarks. But, don't add the pages into social bookmark services, like delicious.

Create account of Facebook and add a group of AISE Lab._

To communicate with graduated students easily, we have a group of AISE lab on Facebook. Please have an account of Facebook, and give it to Dr. Goto.

To use your PC effectively_

Prepare Linux environment_

If you use Windows 10, Windows subsystem for Linux version 2 (WSL2) is one of the useful candidate to prepare Linux environment.

If you use macOS, homebrew is useful tool to prepare Linux environment.

Prepare LaTeX environment._

In AISE lab, all student have to use LaTeX for writing papers and theses. So, please install LaTeX into your PC.

When you prepared your Linux environment by using WSL2, it is better for you to prepare LaTeX envionment on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and to install VS Code on you Windows for editting LaTeX source file.

Install an ssh client into your PC._

To connect with our servers, you should use ssh clients. I suggest two ssh clients: Putty and WinSCP.

To do backup or mirroring _

Our file server has subversion and unison for doing backup or mirroring. If you install and setup such softwares, may be, you are free from lost data.

To start research_

How to get papers_

I prepare a guide page "How to get papers". You can find the URL in my e-mails.

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